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5 Luxury Restaurants In The UK That Offer A Unique Dining Experience

Dining out is one of life?s little luxuries and is something that we tend to do as a treat or to experience something new. In the UK, there are plenty of completely new and innovative dining ideas which will completely change the way that you think of dining and food in general.
Whether you?re looking for an evening of fine dining or want to try something that is a little out of your comfort zone, there are some weird and wonderful restaurants for you to sink your teeth into. Here are 5 luxury restaurants in the UK where you can try something completely unique and new.
Archipelago, London
Archipelago is a restaurant which promises a sensory dining journey set amongst some quirky decor. With dwarf palm trees, peacock feathers and golden Buddhas, the setting is sure to grab your interest! The menu is truly unique, with offerings of Ostrich, Python and even Alpaca, Zebra and grilled crickets. The dishes here will be some of the most creative you will have tried and are sure to deliver a memorable meal for your taste buds. Two Rivers Restaurant, Hull
One of the UK?s most unique restaurants, Two Rivers is set right in the middle of a popular aquarium. Not only do you get to enjoy one of Europe?s most stunning aquatic displays, but you can also sample the menu which is formed with sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. The restaurant opens after closing time, with the first tables being served at 7 pm. After your meal, take a stroll around the aquarium and explore the exhi...
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