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High-end cars with weird and wonderful technology

High-end vehicles are known for their cutting-edge technology ? but some models have taken this to extremes. Extra add-ons are expected in most luxury vehicles, but some take it beyond the norm.

The industry has certainly come a long was from the three-wheeled reliant of the 1970?s and the water balloon bumpers of the 60?s. Here, we?re taking a look at the most extravagant and wonderful technological developments in high-end vehicles.
Bentley Continental GT
This model was built on the underpinnings of the Porsche Panamera, but that certainly isn?t a bad thing! The Bentley Continental GT?s majestic interior helps to make it stand out from its rivals, following the inspiration taken from the wings of the Bentley badge. However, it is the infotainment system that entices drivers to fully appreciate the Bentley experience. This hi-tech device is less ?weird? than Tesla?s Model X addition, but it certainly is wonderful! Mercedes-Benz
In 2014, owners of Mercedes-Benz vehicles no longer had to purchase an air freshener to make their car smell sweet. In fact, the company created a perfume dispenser that would be kept in the glove compartment and be hooked up to the air balance system of the car. It was then up to the driver to set the dispenser to fragrance the vehicle as often as they?d like by turning on the heat or air conditioning unit, allowing the scent to travel through the vent. If this wasn?t enough, the scent was a Mercedes-Benz original which Sabine Engelhardt and her t...
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