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Lebua resort, Jaipur- Unwind and recharge in luxury

Let me start this story with a confession Rajasthan is one of my favourite places in India. It?s one of those cities I?m happy to keep returning to. And so here I was in Jaipur yet again, just a few months after my first trip early this year.
Now, what do you look for the most after two weeks of backpacking, travelling in buses and being on the road constantly (apart from an impending pedicure of course)" Well, all I needed was a place where I could be pampered all day while I layed around and enjoy some peace. And happiness found me the moment I was welcomed with a Tikka and garland at the Lebua resort in Jaipur. I felt my tired eyes light up as I looked at the vibrant colours around me.
Situated about 18 kms from the Jaipur airport amidst the Aravallis, Lebua resort aims to attract the local market with its high-end architecture and spa offerings.
The interiors and architectural concept of Lebua Resort, Jaipur are inspired by Jantar Mantar. Domes and arches rise out on the horizon, towering structures in red sandstone filter the light of the sun creating patterns on the ground as you approach this inspired destination. However, the resort?s pičce de résistance is the lustrous gem-craft of Jaipur which is reflected in the materials used and the intricate quality of detail in public and private spaces. The resort is inspired by ?Nav Ratn?- nine pure gemstones that are said to focus the cosmic energy of an associated celestial body, ruled by a deity.

As I walked ...
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