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Proposal Traditions That Will Never Go Out of Style!

There?s a lot of pressure to nail the perfect proposal so your significant other has an incredibly romantic story to share with her loved ones for the rest of her life. But remember, proposal trends come and go. If you want your proposal story to sound just as romantic on your 50th anniversary as it does today, it?s best to stick with a timeless proposal tradition instead of trying out one of the latest trends. Here?s a look at proposal traditions that will never go out of style:
Diamond Engagement Rings

There is nothing more traditional?not to mention, romantic?than proposing with a beautiful diamond engagement ring. This tradition dates all the way back to 1477, when Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifted the first diamond engagement ring ever recorded to Mary of Burgundy. Centuries later, this tradition still lives on. Today, the hardness and durability of a diamond is often seen as a symbol of the unbreakable bond between the couple. Make this tradition your own by choosing a loose diamond and creating a custom engagement ring that complements your bride-to-be!

It?s tradition for the person who is proposing to get down on one knee while popping the question. Many scholars believe this tradition first started in the Middle Ages, when men would kneel before women as a sign of admiration and loyalty. During this time period, kneeling was especially common among knights, who knelt to show their respect. Every woman dreams of being whisked away by a knight in shin...


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