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The TriFan 600 Jet by XTI Aircraft

The TriFan 600 Jet is a fixed-wing aircraft with ducted fans with vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability. Using three ducted fans, they also provide forward propulsion and offer a seamless transition to high-speed flight. With business-class for the five passengers (one can sit in the cockpit), it promises to change flight and personal freedom and mobility by the discerning air travel forever.

Along with advanced avionics afforded to the pilot, a sliding door above the aircraft conceals the third fan used for forwarding flight. This allows the airplane to reach cruise speed in just 90 seconds and have a max cruise speed of ~300 knots (345 miles per hour). With a range of ~1,200 nautical miles, it has a maximum cruise altitude of 29,000 feet (above predominant weather) taking just under 11 minutes to achieve.
Modern luxury is offered with its spacious interior offering the latest in business class comfort and adequate space and payload for overnight bags.
While awaiting delivery of the electric hybrid engines that power the fans, multiple systems and ground test with the prototype have been conducted. The company expects to begin producing and delivering the TriFan 600 by 2023, with an estimated price of the TriFan 600 is $6.5 million.
| Photos courtesy of TriFan
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