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Views of Gondwana Family Lodge at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve.

The star of the Little Karoo, Sanbona Wildlife Reserve is set amongst the most majestic Warmwaterberg mountain range, where nature and nurture meet to provide visitors with the Cape?s premier wildlife destination.
An icy chill grips the late afternoon air as we depart on our first game drive. In the distance, a large herd of elephants is making its way across the plains and they veer off into a different direction from where we are driving. Our guide, Andrea Bothma explains to us that going off-road would compromise the ecology and conservation efforts at Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, so we patiently wait by the roadside for them to find their way to us.
Moody clouds setting in over Bellair Dam
In the midst of one of the most severe droughts the region has experienced during the last two years, the vegetation is the livelihood of the herbivores, so with enough food available, driving over terrain that serves as their feeding ground will surely deplete the numbers of plant-eating animals. A herd of elephants thoroughly enjoying their feed.
We are elated when the elephants eventually sashay over to the area where their feed is supplemented as a shortage of food for these gentle giants is not an option. A young calf is standing underneath its mother?s mouth, affectionately rubbing its head against mom?s trunk. After a languid feed, the herd walks off into the mountainous terrain.
A lone male giraffe, standing perfectly still.
Stormy clouds and moody weather sets in and as we sto...