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11 Amazingly Thoughtful Gifts the Minimalist Millennial Dad Will Treasure

A Simplistic Guide to Father?s Day Gifts for the  Well-To-Do Man Who Has Everything
 By day, he?s the jet-setting, high-powered, dynamic, affluent executive who enjoys the finer things in life. But secretly, when at home and on vacation, he really just likes to keep it simple. Yes. He?s that Dad. You know him well. So, although he can well afford the very best that life has to offer, he is truly a minimalist. This Father?s Day, since he?s the remarkable man who already has everything, just get him something he?ll like. Something practical that he will utilize. Something relaxing as he retreats from a hectic day in his demanding world. Something calming and comfortable.  Just for you, we fashioned this special, creative guide encompassing all of those things. Impress him by selecting incredibly unique gifts that he?ll surely relish and enjoy.  
VinGuardValise Wine Suitcase – $329.99
For the frequent traveler Dad who is also a wine enthusiast or brew aficionado, the VinGuardValise wine suitcase is ideal.  Whether he?s traveling back home from France, Belgium, Italy, Spain or Germany, he can safely bring back bottles from vineyards, distilleries or breweries. Having a sturdy design with foam cutouts in various sizes, he?ll enjoy a break-free and leak-free trip. Conveniently, the foam is partitioned for him to place bottles in one half of the suitcase and his clothing in the other.  Having TSA-approved locks and a HomingPIN lost luggage lo...
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