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5 Proven Steps To Define Your Brand Positioning

The process of defining your brand position and messaging is complicated and time-consuming. Essentially you?re establishing your authority and building your customer?s trust in you and your offerings. Many entrepreneurs want to skip  defining their brand altogether, but it is critical for effective marketing and the success of your business. 
First, what exactly is brand positioning" It?s the process of setting your brand apart from others in the mind of your client. Your brand?s positioning is how your customer identifies your services and products. It also refers to a brand strategy or positioning strategy. Here are some steps you can take to define your brand positioning.
1. Determine the Current Position of Your Brand and What Makes it Unique Is your product marketed distinctively" Does it blend in with every other product in its category" Define who your target customer is. Then you need to identify and document your values and mission. What makes your product or service different from everything else on the market" These are all core elements for the foundation of your business?s positioning statement.
You then need to look at what makes your brand unique and what strategy for brand positioning is best for your business. Once you do that, competitor research is the next step. From this research you will begin to see patterns and understand that many companies have similar weaknesses and strengths. You may discover that one of their defic...
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