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7 Growth Strategies Sure to Spur Fresh Success

Growth. All businesses and professionals should desire it and most certainly need it. But achieving and sustaining growth in today?s uber-complex environment?whether corporate, entrepreneurial or personal career growth?takes multifaceted vision, ingenuity and agility. Indeed, a lack of growth in business speaks volumes. It says a business or individual hasn?t fruitfully evolved in its own lifecycle (or career cycle), hasn?t kept pace with industry trends, that increased profitability isn?t being prioritized (or valued) … or all of the above.  Even when all of these things are successfully realized, there?s still quite a macro fight to be had as one endeavors to advance.
For companies, economic indicators are a useful benchmark which often portray how ominous or encouraging the growth opportunity landscape may be. For example, according to intel from The Conference Board?s Economic Forecast for the U.S. Economy, GDP data shows that ?… growth slowed in the final quarter of the year [2018],? and that, ?during 2019, expect growth to slow further, as effects from fiscal stimulus measures wane …? Such intel can put things into perspective and prompt businesses to pivot on activities and expectations for the period. But even as businesses at large strive to thrive, so too must the individual professionals that drive them. At the end of the day, a business? success, or lack thereof, is a direct reflection of the people therein?from ownership and management to fron...
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