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A Moment With Jacquine Giarratano Founder of Luxuous Lifestyle Management

Jacquine Giarratano Founder, Luxuous Lifestyle Management Located in London, UK, Luxuous Lifestyle Management, founded by Jacquine Giarratano who bills herself “The Lifestyle Architect of Luxuous Lifestyle” has a poised and elegant presence and vivacious outlook on life and living for herself and her clients. It is her dream to make her client lives into their dream lives. To Jacquine, running this company and the life she has crafted for herself, is her living out her dream life. A seasoned expert concierge for five-star hotels, she takes her expertise and vision for delivering a high level of service to her discerning clients. Her passion is ebullient and her manner gracious and warm. Luxuous Lifestyle Management is an elite private membership service for Ladies around the world. Gentleman will be considered by invitation of one of their female clients only. This is the only way that we will consider to serve them. Their company serves a segment of the world?s most elite ladies that prize experience over extravagance and benefits over baubles. It is Luxuous Lifestyle’s desire to helps their clients to simplify their lifestyle and manage all aspects of it, so that they can instead be doing what they love the most including spending more time with family and close friends. No matter the request, Jacquine will take care of every detail expertly, efficiently and discreetly. Going beyond the ordinary, they provide the ultimate in bespoke luxury services with...
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