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Bahamian Cuisine: Delicious Seafood with a Touch of Southern Comfort

Heading to The Bahamas" You?re likely prepared for some R&R on the beach or snorkeling the Bahamas? vibrant reefs. But here?s something you can?t forget to do:Sample authentic Bahamian cuisine!Bahamian food is just like the archipelago. It?s colorful, vibrant, and brimming with excitement. What?s it like" Well, if you love Cajun food, you?ll love the flavors of The Bahamas ? fresh seafood with hints of spicy heat.As you might expect from a nation made up of 700 islands and cays, seafood is on nearly every menu. Here, proteins like grouper, lobster, crab, shellfish, and conch are popular staples. And Cajun favorites like johnnycakes (cornbread) and fried fish over grits have been given a wholly Bahamian twist.In short, a visit to the Bahamas isn?t complete without first sampling the nation?s culinary delights. Whether you?re stopping in Nassau on a cruise, or you?re planning a Bahamas yacht charter, you must go ashore, stop at any restaurant and try authentic Bahamian cuisine. It?s delicious!5 Bahamas Dishes You Must Try In the Bahamas, you?ll find a wide variety of dishes to sample. Yet, there are a few commonalities. Many, for example, feature seafood ? conch, grouper, and lobster are favorites ? as well as a bit of heat. Red peppers, allspice, and chili peppers are popular spices, which give many Bahamian dishes a jerk seasoning-like flavor. A few dishes to try on your Bahamas vacation include: 1. ConchIf there?s one item that?s on nearly every menu in ...