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Chic and Polished: How to Always Look Sleek and Luxurious

Whether you?re a passionate fashionista or not, we all want to look well put together and polished for any given occasion. Wanting to look presentable and even exude a dose of luxury is completely natural, however, we can?t all invest in the latest lines as soon as they step off the runways. Luckily for us, that isn?t the only route to looking chic and sleek; there are little things with major payoff you can do, and that?s what brings us here today. We?re going to give you the ultimate guide to looking expensive by using a few clever tricks and making some smart purchases.

Know your fabrics
The first thing you need to pay attention to are natural fabrics and flowy materials, such as cotton, faux suede and linen, along with silk and even great (faux) leather. The reason why these fabrics will do your style justice is that they?re not prone to creasing, aside from simply having that expensive vibe even though they most often aren?t as pricey as you might think.
Be prepared for change
Everyone has a different body type, and there are actually very few people who can just put on something off-the-rack and look amazing. The thing is, no matter how pricey the item is, if it doesn?t fit like a glove or if it emphasizes your flaws, it?s no good. When you see something that has a lot of potential, purchase it and then take it to a tailor. It?s all about the fit, and once those slight alterations have been made, you?ll look a hundred times better than when you first put the garment...
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