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Chocolat Général Guisan is Transitioning to Digital

The world?s most expensive chocolate brand, Chocolat Général Guisan is pleased to announce that it is transitioning to digital in order to serve its worldwide customers in the most convenient and personal way possible
The last decade has seen digital disruption of business models to an extent that non-adopters who doubted this model?s sustainability are now being forced to re-strategize and realign their business models with the new entrants. Digital platforms and tools are empowering brands to open new channels and broaden their customer reach, making it possible for them to own their customer relationships.
Chocolat Général Guisan?s philosophy is that many luxury brands have taken a wrong approach to digitalisation. Their approach is to bring the luxury experience directly to their clients, wherever they may be. Chocolat Géneral Guisan is now about digitizing the entire customer journey and experience by providing real-time access to their products and services on mobile devices. Chocolat Géneral Guisan?s digital transformation will offer endless opportunities such as improved real-time interaction with customers, accurate insights, better inventory management, accessing new customer segments, higher productivity, better resource allocation, effective forecasting and efficient business decisions.
Each of Chocolat Général Guisan chocolate pralines is handcrafted by the best chocolatiers in Switzerland, using only the finest ingredients such as cocoa from sustainable plant...
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