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Different Celtic Jewelry Symbols and the Meanings  

From ancient Celtic ?fairy cats? folklore to Saint Patrick?s sermons, there?s a wide range of inspirations behind the various Celtic jewelry we wear.
However, many people wear these pieces of jewelry without a clue about the history or the meaning behind the symbols in the pendants or rings.
In this article, we?ll dig into the meaning behind the symbols on the Celtic jewelry.
The Irish Shamrocks
This is one of the traditional symbols in Ireland which still holds a lot of meaning. From way back, the Celts believed in the number 3 which is also represented by the triad formed in the shamrock.
In fact, Saint Patrick explained the Holy Trinity to his congregation using the shamrock. Therefore, to the Celts, good things come in 3?s such as the shamrock Celtic pendants. The Claddagh Ring
Friendship, loyalty, and love. These are what the Claddagh represents. The latter is represented by the heart, two hands embody friendship while the crown represents loyalty.
If you wear this ring on the right hand and the crown facing inside, then it means you?re still single. However, if you wear it on the same hand but with the crown facing outside, then it means someone?s noticed your love.
On the other hand, wearing the ring on the left hand with outward facing crown means you have a lifelong partner.
The Celtic Sisters Knot
This Celtic pendant symbolizes a strong eternal bond shared between friends and sisters. The complex Celtic heart knot symbolizes everlasting love.
The triple spiral whi...
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