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Embraer’s Manhattan Private Jet Exudes Stunning Art Deco Design

Drawing inspiration from the art deco designs of the 1920s and 1930s and evoking the style and beauty of New York City, Embraer’s Manhattan bring the empire state of mind to those traveling in the clouds. Following the successes of Skyranch One, Kyoto Airship, Embraer Executive Jets announced the new Manhattan and Hollywood Airship concepts, priced at $83 million.

With the vision of bringing the glamour, elegance and excitement back to the flying experience, Jay Beever, Vice President, Interior Design of Embraer Executive Jets teamed up with former Disney Imagineer and renowned designer, Eddie Sotto to craft this beautiful jet.

Jay and Eddie bonded over the thrill of resurrecting the art deco designs and lead the way for ?captivating storylines pertinent to the private aviation experience,? said Beever. ?Our team was able to breathe life into a concept that would bring the thrill back to flying and give passengers a reason to dress up – namely a chic air shuttle, capable of connecting the art deco cities that inspired the concept in the first place. Seen throughout the jet, there are two distinct design elements, the Manhattan and the Hollywood. The Manhattan is highlighted by the deep, rich woods set along the Hollywood which has a bright, silver screen appeal. This provided Beever and Sotto the canvas to feature a unique blend of form and function while exuding style and sophistication.

The Lineage 1000E has room for 13 to 19 passengers, with a range of nea...
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