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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress to Match Your Venue

Finding the perfect wedding dress to match your venue isn?t always easy, especially if you have made plans to travel to another city, state, or country. The wedding venue is of paramount importance to every aspect of the wedding, including your attire. You?d probably wear a very different dress to a vineyard wedding than to a wedding on the beach.
Take a look at our suggestions based on wedding venue below. If you?re not 100% committed to a venue already, Upscale Living has an interesting piece on choosing the perfect location for your nuptials.
Church Wedding
With classic, traditional elegance, you can?t go wrong.  A traditional church wedding comes with a set of formalities that need to be taken into account. Guests tend to dress their best when a house of worship is the venue. Go for a stunning gown that?s sure to make an impact, like one with a long train, because it will look amazing in such a setting. Pair it with a veil, a classic accessory. Mountain Wedding
The mountains are appealing to adventurous types, and mountain weddings are a popular choice among couples who share a passion for hiking or climbing. Experiment with different colors, styles, and textures to accentuate the natural beauty around you. Lace, soft lavender, even ruffles will work. With such a wide variety of flowing gowns and colorful dresses available, you won?t be pressed for choice. A corded lace dress with a soft hem is the perfect option for your unconventional venue. A chic, m...