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Galinsky Takes His Seat on The Bench ?This is the life I have chosen.?

Robert Galinsky, playwright and the defacto Mayor of New York?s East Village, is a most inspiring breed of human being. Part time poet, part-time artist, part-time digital entrepreneur, part-time actor and full-time street philosopher, Galinsky gave up a comfortable life-path to live his art and activism in a way that many consciously choose to skirt. Purposefully sharing the trenches with a wide array of many who are overlooked by society, he has found a purposeful life and certainly a mission that day-by-day is reaching the masses.
It was now many years ago that Galinsky consciously chose to exit the coordinated path of the suburban white male for something deeper, riskier and certainly more meaningful. Choosing the road less travelled, Galinsky shifted his paradigm in search of truth and wisdom?the type of truth and wisdom that is born on the streets and in the communities of downtown Manhattan. It is here in the back alleys, halfway houses and in the jails mentoring incarcerated youths, that he spends time with ?the best of the best, ie: those who have less and do more with it? that Galinsky finds his inspiration. His recent one man show, ?The Bench, A Homeless Love Story? brings to life an array of characters that in my opinion, everyone on some level should find relatable qualities. Characters whose humanity explored though Galinsky?s genius writing, have some of their own wisdom to impart. It is on this stage where it rapidly becomes very clear that we are witnessing...