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Hollywood Stylist, Dana Asher-Levine

Being a personal shopper to powerful women in the spotlight sounds like every girl?s dream come true. For Dana Asher-Levine, her path into this sought-after career has been a blessing to herself and her clients. Known as The Clothing Therapist, she spoke exclusively to Upscale Living magazine about the inner workings of picking outfits for the stars.

I was born and raised in Los Angeles and am the youngest of three girls. My father passed away due to a heart attack when I was 16 and my mom passed away exactly ten years later from lung cancer. Because of this, my sisters and I are really close. 
I went to The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) for one year of college to get my fashion background and then went on to study at American University in Washington DC. After college, I started working in the fashion industry, holding positions in many different areas from sales to production and even worked at FIDM.  WHAT DOES YOUR JOB ENTAIL"

My job changes on a daily basis. Some days, I?m shopping for client?s events such as everyday wardrobe, award shows, or weddings. On other days, I am meeting with clients. I have to be able to change directions at a moment?s notice because there is a fashion emergency happening every day in someone?s life.
I call myself a personal shopper, but my job requires that I wear many hats. I get to be a problem solver, seamstress, friend, brand ambassador and master s...
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