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How to Cut Down on Turnovers in Your Rental Property

Being a landlord is like running a business. Your tenants are like your customers, and your goal should be to keep your customers happy so that they continue to pay you each month. While this relationship is transactional in nature, there are certain things that can make the relationship sour. When a relationship sours between a tenant and landlord, what follows is either a move to evict the tenant or the tenant will seek out a new apartment.
Tenant turnover is a huge hassle that most landlords try to avoid. When it happens, it basically means that their monthly income enters a lull period?one that sustains until a new tenant is found. This can be devastating for business. The rent that a landlord receives each month, in large part, goes back into their various properties. It costs a lot of money to hire gardeners, plumbers, and keep up with general upkeep. If you?re a landlord who is having trouble keeping tenants in your building, there are a few tricks and tactics you can adopt to keep turnover rate low.
Take Time to Vet New Tenants | When you?re looking for new tenants, make sure you take your time. In many cases, tenant turnover happens because the wrong tenant filled the space to begin with. Landlords didn?t take the time to run a simple tenant credit report, or didn?t bother to verify references that the applicant provided. It?s not enough to go on gut instinct alone when vetting someone. You should make sure that they have the ability to pay rent on time and th...


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