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How to Dress for a Night at the Theater


If you?re not a regular theatergoer, knowing what to wear and how to behave can be stressful. You don?t want to stand out because you?ve decided to wear something a little outlandish. Is it important to dress for comfort or should you be prepared to spend the whole evening shuffling in your seat because you can?t get comfortable" Not too many years ago, formal dress was all that was accepted. If you weren?t wearing a suit and tie or an evening gown, you wouldn?t be allowed in to the theater. Thankfully, things have changed, and the dress code is far more relaxed. However, there are some performances that are a little dressier than others.
Dressing for an Opening Night
It?s not always easy to get tickets for opening night, especially for a Broadway show. If you?re lucky enough to acquire a couple, you?ll be dazzled by the clothes people choose to wear. There are going to be plenty of celebrities and paparazzi, and formal wear is the requirement for one night only. Your clothes should be tasteful and classy, so a designer gown or tuxedo is the order of the day. Balenciaga’s designer Demna Gvasalia has some stunning outfits to choose from, but there are also plenty of more casual designs for less formal occasions. Dressing for an Ordinary Performance
Once the formalities of the opening night are out of the way, the dress code relaxes, and you?re free to wear pretty much what you like. Matinees tend to be far more casual than evening performances when you?re ...
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