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How to gift people who have everything

One predicament those in the upper echelons of society often come upon is the inability to find a suitable gift. Sure, money is not an issue in the purchase, but money is not an issue for the receiver of the gift as well. Sometimes it can feel like they already have everything.
This may be true. They may have everything (or access to everything) that money can buy. But luckily, money can’t buy everything. And that is the sweet spot where the perfect gifts can be found.
The first place to start is with something sentimental. This obviously depends on how close you are to the person and how many connections and memories you have together.
If you are close and have many shared memories then this will be much easier. Think back to some of the best memories you have with this person. It is likely that there is a great gift that you could give that is associated with these memories. It can be photography, or something from a place you visited. The real point is that as soon as they look at it they understand exactly why you gave it to them and it has a special meaning that just you two will understand. Unique
Sure, money can buy anything.But what if people don’t even know something exists" Money could buy it – but the lack of knowledge holds them back.
This requires a little more work to find a good unique gift that they will enjoy. You will typically not find it selling on any mainstream sites and you won’t hear about it much. This is,...
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