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How to Invest in Your Clothing in 2019

There is a gray zone between replacing your inexpensive clothing every few months and eating noodles for a week because of your new handbag purchase. Aside from buying a specific piece because you really love how it looks, the quality of that garment should ultimately be the deciding factor.
Think about it, what will be cheaper: Buying a $20 jacket every year because it keeps wearing out, or investing in one good $500 jacket that will last forever" Good quality clothing not only lasts longer, but it is also more comfortable, versatile and stylish.
This is where we can see the importance of investing in your clothing. However, with clothes, you don?t always get what you pay for. In the case of fast fashion, the statement holds true. Pay a low price and you?ll get low quality. With designer brands, some pieces are a worthwhile investment that will hold their value, if not increase in value over time. But there are also more than enough pieces around that simply cost what they do because of the label. So how does one discern the difference" Let?s take a look at the best investment pieces to add to your wardrobe this year to help you up to your style game and ultimately save money in the long run.
Leather Jackets
The beauty of leather pieces is that they last forever and will develop their own unique character over time, rather known as patina. Another advantage is that throughout its history as a clothing material, leather has never gone out of fashion and probably...


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