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In Pursuit of Rare and Old Whisky with Cask 88

Cask 88 brings together the world?s foremost experts in rare and antique whisky, giving discerning whisky collectors the chance to get hands-on in their whisky ownership, from cask to glass. Since 2008, a deep curiosity and infectious passion for unique whisky has matured into a vast membership and client base looking both to source rare and old casks from across all over Scotland, and then turn the contents of those casks into unforgettable bottles.
The company discovered that owning a cask was a desire greatly shared and they wanted to help curate cask ownership for those who did not know the industry so well. ?Our pursuit traveling around Scotland, learning the industry and building relationships transformed into something more when we had the dream to own a cask for ourselves,? said Patrick Costello.
Serving clients around the globe, the small family-owned business quickly expanded and became a globally recognized brand for high-end whisky. Fueled by a love of luxurious whiskies, their services have been expanded to include cask procurement, cask storage, bespoke bottle design, and sourcing antique releases. Their international team of experts guides clients through purchasing or designing a whisky perfectly suited to their individual needs.

From relatively young casks that will grow in quality and value as they mature, to extremely old and rare expressions that are in huge demand, Cask 88 curates a personal journey from the budding enthusiast through to the seasone...