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Interior Design Alert: Welcome Transitional Style

Decorating a home in a specific style can be challenging, especially when you have to buy new furniture and accessories and start all over again. The fact that all the occupants have different tastes doesn?t make it any easier. This is why the transitional style is so loved. It blends the most beautiful and functional features of the traditional look and contemporary design, until it reaches the Goldilocks? principle of just the right amount of coziness, formality, warmth and cleanness. The transitional style is currently a hot trend that tosses the design rules out the window, but it does have some rules of its own. Let?s check them out.

Setting the backdrop
With the transitional style you don?t want to risk a bold paint color that would overpower the other design elements and create a chaotic look. To prevent that, you should use a neutral color (e.g. beige, grey, white) which will allow the lines of furniture and accessories to take the center stage. If you find bare neutral walls to be too boring for your taste, you can always create an accent wall with wallpaper or artwork.
A mix of traditional and contemporary furniture
The main features of contemporary furniture are clean straight lines and sharp edges, while traditional furniture usually has curved and ornate shapes. The pieces you decide to combine shouldn?t be too difficult to mix together. You can just try to find the middle ground with pieces that are subtly ornate or have gently curved lines. The size of the...
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