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Interview with Simon Casson, President EMEA Four Seasons Hotels

In conversation with  EMEA Four Seasons Hotels (Exclusive Interview)
How has the region your have been heading performed in 2018 and what are your expectations for 2019"
2018 was a stellar year for Four Seasons Hotels &Resorts and EMEA in particular. We saw tremendous strength in key markets like Paris and Dubai. Russia performed very well with the World Cup effect and Egypt saw a good measure of recovery also.  The absence of any significantly negative events made it a great year region wide. 2019 carries some uncertainty on a macro economic level but our diverse geographic spread provides stability.
Is there any area or country(ies) you would single out as exceptional performers"
As mentioned Paris, Moscow and Dubai stood out as particularly strong markets. With increased global competition, some argue that the long term ?winners? will be operators who also invest in the properties they manage. What is your take"
Maintaining & enhancing  physical product is always key and we are fortunate to have tremendously supportive capital partners who are very supportive in this regard. We actively partner with them to bring an enhanced vision and level of renewed product to the hotels
How has the relationship with the owners changed, if in any way, over the recent years" What is the key in the success of most of your long term third party operator agreements"
Owner relationships and working in partnership has always been key. ...
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