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Key Personality Traits for Pilots

Have you ever taken an aptitude test to help steer you down the right career path" Essentially, it’s a series of questions assessing your characteristics and interests that should ultimately identify professions for which you may be well-suited. If you’re truly unsure of where to go next, the results may surprise you. At the very least, it’s a tool that may offer some potential outlets to explore or pursue.
If you do have aspirations for a specific location, it could be a fun exercise to see whether the assessment pairs you with your dream job, especially if the job requires a distinct skill set and has a unique range of personality quirks associated with it. For example, airplane pilots represent a relatively small segment of the workforce due to the unique nature of the qualifications. Not only do pilots have to commit to a rigorous training program, but there’s also a certain mental fortitude required as well. What are the competencies and prerequisites needed to become an airline pilot" Perhaps that’s the most straightforward phase, which can be easily kicked off with some basic research into institutions like AeroGuard which has a flight school in Austin, Texas. Once you’ve determined whether you’re equipped to tackle the educational aspects of flight, then you’re obliged to perform a deeper introspection into those less tangible faculties that prove indispensable to capable pilots. Some attributes are shared ...