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Krakow Gastro Capital

Warsaw may have the ?Michelin? stars but Poland?s royal city now has the status.Krakow is the European Capital of Gastronomic Culture 2019, beating off Lisbon for the honor conferred by honorris-based European Academy of Gastronomy.Says Michal Sobieszuk, founder of ?Eat Polska? which offers four hours, 1.5 miles, 10- stops escorted food crawls around the city which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage site since it began in 1978: ?Krakow is great for restaurants. It?s relatively compact, very walkable and boasts one of the strongest street food scenes in Poland.?Food tours are becoming popular in Poland, catering not only to tourists but Polish ?jedling?- foodies.All over Krakow, a new generation of foodies is Instagramming their goose blood soup and proudly Facebooking Charznice cabbage heads.  The latest brains ( sweetbreads) are being posted and unforgettable regional sausages uploaded.  Stale bread soup and tasteless pork cutlets are no longer Poland?s culinary celebrities.After years of unrelieved fermented cabbage and pickled cucumbers, a wind of change is blowing through Polish haute cuisine -? wykwintna kuchnia?.And everyone is wishing each other ?Smacznego!? ? Wishing you tastiness.??The past is back. But is not bad.  Hospitality is in our blood. We need to feed people,? says Karolina Milezanowska of ? the city?s gastro portal which publishes a foodies? map.?Palates are getting more educated. More demanding and more curious.?Copernicus...