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Luxurious Ways to Decorate your Front Door

Your house is a reflection of your personality. And just like you decorate your body to show you want people to see you, you should be decorating the exterior of your house to let your guests know what they are walking into. So without further ado, let?s see how you can decorate one of the most important parts of your home?s exterior: the front door.
Match the interior

The first thing you should do when decorating your front door is to open them. What is the thing that your guests see when they open the door and step inside" If you have a modern, high-tech apartment, then decorating your front door with a lot of plants and nature might seem a bit off. Look at both sides of the door and adapt them to one another so that the entire look comes together in a cohesive way. This might mean rearranging the furniture inside to make the transition more natural, but in most cases, you will want to adapt the door to what you already have set up inside. Talk to your neighbors

If you live in a tight community, you might not want to do something that will anger your neighbors, especially if you have a homeowners association which has rules about how your exterior needs to look. Sometimes, you simply have to conform to the rules, but you can always talk to them, express your wishes and see if they will agree. If you live in a beautiful neighborhood like Meadowbank, you might want to show off some local pride, and your neighbors might want to join in the fun. The odds are, everyone...
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