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Luxury Beach Life in the Pacific

How do howler monkeys generate so much noise" They are actually the second loudest animal in the world after the blue whale and release their voluminous, plangent magic by using the wind"
The tropical exuberance of animal life was utterly enchanting with new species offering up a daily surprise. From the fishy, to the furry and the feathered. I felt immersed in the natural wonder of the many birds and animals.

I even looked through the index of the definitive book on Costa Rican birds to find exquisite and exotic names like dickcissel, marbled godwit, Nicaraguan grackle, yellow-faced grassquit, Bonaparte?s gull, semiplumbeous hawk, red-legged honeycreeper, killdeer, red knot, scaly-throated leaftosser, limpkin, lanceolated monklet, rufous motmot. I arrived late at night at my first place to stay at Arenas Del Mar to sleep to the sounds of the pounding Pacific to then awaken to witness from my balcony the long strand of Manuel Antonio beach. The hotel?s architecture is respectful and harmonious with the environment. The décor is subdued. There are wooden floors, cream and green tiles in the bathroom and white linen on my king-sized bed. My ?ocean view? room had an indoor, outdoor feel with no pictures needed as it?s all on the outside, it?s all about the view.

I took a boat with Tres Ninas Tours all the way from Quepos as far as Uvita which was at high tide when I got there but interestingly right above its famous whale...