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Maintaining Your Grassy Knolls: The Care and Keeping of Luxury Landscapes

It’s expensive to keep your lawn beautiful, with Americans spending as much as 44.7 billion dollars on lawn care over the course of the year. A green, grassy yard and beautifully decorated garden is worth the cost, though. These spaces not only establish the aesthetic of your home environment, but they offer you an escape from the stress of your daily life. So whether you’re looking to replace your roof or to find peace in your garden, let’s explore some of the newer ways you can ensure that the exterior of your property is as elegant as you are.
Bring Technology Outdoors
The Internet of Things, or IoT, has made it easier for us to maintain our homes. Where would we be nowdays without our AI assistants, smart hubs, and personal webs of interconnected devices" Even so, it might surprise you to learn that that same technology can be taken outside and used to maintain your lawn. There are sprinklers available to you today that will measure the amount of rain that’s fallen and set a watering schedule without you having to lift a finger. If you need or want to update your roof, as well, you can make the design of your home exterior simpler and more sustainable through the installation of artful solar panels that can, in turn, connect to your personal IoT. Take Steps Towards Cleanliness
Cleanliness is also its own sort of beauty. If you want to maintain your lawn and stand out from all the rest, keeping your lawn weed and debris-free is essential. St...
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