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Mistakes People Make When Traveling to Jamaica and How to Avoid Them

Jamaica is a popular Caribbean destination. It is affordable. It has a large English speaking population. It opens its arms to tourists. However, there are plenty of pitfalls that travelers make when taking a trip to this island. Here are the worst mistakes people make when traveling to Jamaica and how to avoid making them yourself.
Trying to Stick to a Strict Schedule

Unless you’ve bought a vacation package where every aspect of the trip is handled by pros who keep a strict schedule, don’t expect anyone around you to do so. The relaxed lifestyle of the islands (outside of the airport) means that schedules are incredibly relaxed. Your fishing charter or scuba lessons may start around two in the afternoon, but it will be plus or minus half an hour, not start at 2 on the dot. You’ll experience this in the restaurants, too, as they’re slow to serve food unless you hit a roadside shack where the food is already hot and ready on the grill Trying to Explore by Cab

It is a mistake to try to explore Jamaica by cab. It is expensive. Taking a long cab ride with an unknown driver too often leads to robbery or worse. The solution is to go on a guided tour with a vetted travel guide. Buses are cheaper than a private cab ride, too.
Staying in Montego Bay

You should visit Montego Bay when in Jamaica. Jamaica vacation packages often center on this spot because it is close to the airport and beaches. However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to Montego Bay. F...
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