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Old School Charm" Get It With These Ideas, Or Even Make It Yourself

The rustic look is more popular than ever these days so if you?re trying to capture this look in your own home you might be wondering how it?s possible to get that old school charm yourself. The good news is that it?s surprisingly easy to repurpose old items in your home and to recondition them so that they get a whole new lease of life. You could always buy upcycled items online or in stores, but it might be even more fun to try it yourself. Here are some great ideas that bring a hint of old-world style into your home without breaking the bank and by reusing items which would once have been thrown away.
Restored Windows As An Art Display
Have you recently had your windows replaced" If so, you might want to use your old window as an art display. Reclaimed windows can be sanded down and repainted to be used as a display case for pictures or pieces of art. Vintage Brooch Bouquet
If you?re getting married and looking for an alternative to a floral bouquet or if you just want a beautiful classic-looking decoration for a vanity table or cabinet, a vintage brooch bouquet could be the answer. Made from old pieces of jewelry, this very special type of bouquet can easily be put together to make an eye-catching decorative item.
Telephone Handset Bookends
If your house phone has long gone by the wayside in favor of your smartphone, don?t throw out your clunky old handsets. Instead, repurpose them as stylish bookends to decorate your bookshelves. With very little effort, you can...
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