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Small But Strict Royal Fashion Rules

Royal life is a desire for everyone and people dream to live such life and whenever we see royal members we always stay kind of jealous but you would be amazed to know that they cannot live their lives as freely as we live so you need to be thankful for what you got. You might have gone through trendy fashion of men and women and if you haven?t then you need to check out Fashionterest, we totally can vouch on the latest trend but on the other hand royal members cannot actually accept everything that is trending rather they have their own Royal Fashion styles or you can say rules that they have to maintain by hook or crook. Sometimes they might appear perfect but there are times when they struggle a lot to look perfect after maintaining all those rules. You might be wondering about the most common Royal Fashion rules then here are some of them listed below that you need to check out: source:
The holding of the bag on the left hand:
Now there is a reason behind holding a bag on the left hand, we might not have to obey those reasons but royal members are bound to follow those rules. Many times you might spot a royal lady or you might see pictures of a royal lady holding the bag on her left hand and you may wonder why. Well they do that so that they can shake hands with the public without any inconvenience and people actually come up to shake hands with and they don?t want to often people as such and this their big heart that they always make sure their right hand i...