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Some things to know about Anguilla

Anguilla is a small British territory in the Caribbean Sea may be a place you have never heard of before or one you heard mentioned briefly conversation as an incredible holiday destination, that is because it is. Every year a growing number of visitors search for beach homes in anguilla, so they can while away your hours in the beautiful waters of this island paradise or, so they can blend in with some of the 14,000 people who are lucky enough to call this island home.
Having won the prestigious title of World’s Leading Luxury Island Destination in 2014, Anguilla reaffirmed its position as one of the best places to visit not just in the Caribbean but in the world. Acting as a tax haven and luxury travel destination this is usually not a location that you will find on a budget travellers list of places to visit, but for those who have a little more money to spend then this island has everything you will need and enough to impress anyone who may be accompanying you. We are going to look at some of the aspects of Anguilla including its history and culture to give you a different perspective of why people choose to come here and why others call it home. History:
Like almost all the islands of the Caribbean Anguilla went through periods of Amerindian civilisations and the onset of colonisation. The first settlers are believed to have arrived at the island over 4000 years ago and here they settled, built villages and became farmers and fishermen. This continued until aroun...


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