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The Best Chef Awards 2018 voting is on!

Among the worlds best, Greek Chef Stavros Psomopoulos represents the best, of what modern Greek gastronomy has to offer.
Stavros was born in Athens, Greece and dedicated himself in the art of gastronomy since avery young age. After finishing school he enrolled in a a private cooking institute andfollowed the steps of great teachers as their apprentice. His hard work and dedication inmastering his art paved the road to a bright career with great collaborations like ?Starwood?,?Aldemar?, ?Royal Olympic? ?Elounda?, ?S.L.H.? , ?Boutique hotels" to name only some.Stavros Psomopoulos experimentations are moving Greek gastronomy over new frontiers.His innovations mixed with his great respect for traditional Greek gastronomy, formsmasterpieces for all senses, appreciated by all cultures. Heavily awarded already, Stavroswas featured on the Top World Selection 2017 hosted by The Best Chef. He is now a candidate for the Best Chef Awards 2018, that will take place in Milan thisOctober.
The voting is already open for the public and as Stavros Psomopoulos claims: "Your vote willhelp promote Greek gastronomy on a global scale"
The voting procedure is simple and requires less than a minute. Voters are welcome to enter the contest following 4 easy steps:
1. Click on Type your email account3. Find and click on Stavros Psomopoulos image (you can use Ctrl+F)4. Hit "submit"
Thank you for your support!

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