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The Success Story Behind Beauty Influencer, Daniela Bell

Women are stepping up their beauty game and these days having their own personal glam squad, has not only become the new norm but a must. Gone are the days of spending countless hours trying to match a foundation, or find the perfect color eyeshadow. So what’s a girl to do"  In walks, celebrity, makeup artist and beauty influencer, Daniela Bell. Within the last 5 years, she has built a beauty empire with an a-list clientele of celebrities and influential women around the globe. Offering a broad range of services including her own luxurious, mink lash collection, Daniela prides herself with making each one of her clients feel and look like a superstar! 
What led to your career in the beauty industry"

10 years ago, I started my career in makeup, as a celebrity makeup artist, I realized that every one of my clients deserved to look and feel glamorous and luxurious. l love being able to create and display my artistry in others, as much as I like empowering women through beauty. I started my makeup studio business 5 years ago along with my beauty brand, Daniela Bell Beauty, and at the beginning of this year incorporated my luxury, mink lash collection.
How did you start Daniela Bell Lashes"

As a makeup artist, I found the need to create a product that would be correlated with glamour and luxury to suit my clients needs, something that is long-lasting and natural looking. Lashes have always been the perfect accessory to complete any make...


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