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Tips for Selecting a Granny Flat

Do you need more room in your house but don?t want to put up with a renovation or construction" If you have an adult child or parents who need to move in with you, privacy and suitable space can be an issue in a cramped house.
Putting up a granny flat can be a good solution if you choose the right one. Use these tips to select the right flat for your needs.
Determine How Much Space is Available
Before shopping for a flat to build on your property, you need to determine how much space is available for the structure. Look over the property and decide where the best places are for a granny flat and measure the spaces.
If you?re not good at using a measuring tape, consider hiring a contractor for accurate measurements and to answer any questions that you have about building a flat on the property. After selecting an appropriate space, then you can start looking at flat designs. How Much Room is Needed"
If only one person is going to be living in the unit, then a studio or one bedroom flat may be an appropriate size.
However, if both parents are moving in with you, then you may want to consider a two-bedroom unit, so they can have a guest room or an extra space to go to when they need to relax.
Most people need 100 to 400 square feet of space to live in, but you don?t need to double the size of two people. Two people can easily live comfortably in about a 550 square foot house. If your parents are moving from a house to the flat, they will need to cull what moves wit...


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