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Top 5 Casinos Showcased in Movies

The gambling universe is closely related to the entertainment industry because they are both familiar in many ways, especially if we consider that many people only gamble because it?s fun. Since the two are so related, it?s no doubt that a lot of famous real-life casinos got showcased in movies.
From movies that feature huge Vegas parties, to others that are entirely about gambling, and even some that are about the Las Vegas dream, here is our list of the top 5 casinos that appeared in the movies.

Even if all of the casinos mentioned in this post are great, none of them better than the others, Flamingo still deserves the first place on our list. This casino has been up and running for over 70 years straight now. Many people consider Flamingo to be the first casino from the Vegas Strip. Even if that might not be entirely true, Flamingo is for sure the first casino from Vegas that resembles a lot to the ones we have today. This casino and hotel resort got featured in a handful of movies but, the one that is probably the most famous and most representing out of all of them is ?Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?. The casino deserves its fame since it has over 3500 hotel rooms and over 1500 machines and gaming tables in total.

Even if Bellagio is relatively new since it only got built 20 years ago, this casino has managed to gain a lot of fame since it appeared in a rather large number of movies. Probably the most known movie that showcased this casino and hotel...


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