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Vacationing with social distancing in a Luxury floating villa "

Vacationing with social distancing" This luxury four-bedroom villa floating on the turquoise water of Bora Bora will let you do just that.
If a staycation on a yacht cum cabin sounds like a deal, here?s exactly that for you! In pleasing travel connoisseurs, Bora Bora-based company ELYT Charter Tahiti is all set to launch a sprawling floating villa on the island, ideal for those in love with luxury and the sea!Overlooking the sprawling blue waters of Bora Bora, the four-bedroom ?houseboat? features two bathrooms, a 360-degree rooftop lounge offering spectacular views, a well-equipped kitchen and dining area, flatscreen TV, and grill. It can accommodate eight people at once and is ideal for a family or a big group.The 15,50m (51-feet) long luxury vessel houses inflatable paddleboards, kayaks, snorkeling gear, a concierge service, and a personal chef and crew, along with a fleet of other amenities. It is notably inspired by ?ancient Polynesian voyaging canoes? and will be available to rent as a stationary villa with plans to run it as a cruise (with a dedicated captain) in the future.Currently, under construction, the houseboat will be operated using solar panels and lithium batteries and an in-hull wastewater treatment system. Bookings for the villa are set to open onward December 1, 2020, with prices starting at 1.495 Euros (1,770U$) per night, and a minimum stay of three nights. Fancy a luxe (and eco-friendly) getaway to Bora Bora"
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