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Why Bali Is the Ultimate Honeymoon Destination

A honeymoon is all about love and romance. Imagine walking hand in hand across the beach against a backdrop of the most incredible sunrise, or having a picnic at twilight on a private beach as the crashing waves provide the music.
The desire of every couple is that their honeymoon destination will enhance the all-encompassing love and connection between them. In essence, the place should make the couple fall deeper in love with each other.
Ranked as one of the most romantic destinations in the world, Bali is a honeymoon location that any couple ought to consider.
You Can Never Run Out of Romantic Activities in Bali

For one, a couple can sink into the romance of watching the sunset across the ocean. Bali is an island full of countless beaches. These beaches have one thing in common; the unobstructed view of sunsets that appear to merge with the ocean or mountains. Mahatma Gandhi said, ?when I admire the wonders of the sunset, my soul expands in worship of the creator.? There is something transcendent about watching sunsets with a loved one, especially magical sunsets, the kind that Bali offers.
Second, dining on private beaches. A honeymoon is all about being alone and connected and there is nothing more romantic than having a candlelit dinner by the beach with your loved one. This is possible because Bali has so many beaches and finding one that is private is not an issue.
Third, Bali has retreats deep in the jungle that accommodate couples who desire silenc...
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