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Coronavirus Pandemic: Travel Reopenings

While Covid-19 keeps preventing going back to a “normal” daily life in much of the world for so over 2 months traveling to another country is one of the many dreams people have right now. The idea of opening up to travellers has gained tractions especially during the last couple of weeks. There are countries that are taking steps to ease the process. May 8th for Australia was an important day afterAustralia announced a three-stage planto reopen the economy, which includes a focus on tourism.
There are countries that are creating regional alliances designed to minimize the risk of the virus, including an Australia-New Zealand travel ?bubble,? and, in Europe, since reluctant to issue a blanket release on travel, a travel ?corridor? shared by Czech Republic, Germany and Croatia.
Malta, the Mediterranean island nation that relies heavily on tourism, has also called for the creation of “safe corridors” among territories and regions proven successful in their management of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Many places remain on hold or are banned outright, and the process of reopening remains speculative. Many countries are going to keep very strict rules and others, like Italy doesn’t have an idea how to handle the recently started phase 2 and no comments are made for the phase 3.
The first EU-wide guidelines will be released by the European Commission for coronavirus-era tourism on Wednesday. But there are countries like Greece that did not waste tim...