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The 5 best parks to visit with the family

Tired of seeing only concrete" If you need a break from city life, there is nothing better than taking refuge in city parks, green areas where you can train, read, walk with your pet and organize picnics with friends. Today we will take you to discover some of the best parks around the world that you can visit with family and friends but also alone.
1-Park Güell
Park Güell in Barcelona has a unique charm that makes it a must see. The essence of Antoni Gaudí’s work is found in every corner of this park: you will find an infinity of architectural elements inspired by nature and its forms, such as the trencadís snake, the famous entrance salamander and the imposing “forest of columns “, and countless species of Mediterranean plants. If that’s not enough, you will enjoy a great view of the city.
2-Hyde Park
An oasis in the middle of the English capital" It exists and is called Hyde Park. We know that there are several city parks in London, but if we have to choose one we choose Hyde Park: not only is it the largest in the city center, but it also has a long history as it was inaugurated as a public park in the 17th century.
There’s a boat rental, sun loungers, and the famous Speaker’s Corner, where eccentric characters give their speeches like a show on Sunday mornings.

3-Mont Royal
Park Mont Royal Park in Montreal is beautiful all year round, so don’t forget to pack some comfortable shoes! In winter, this Quebec park is ...


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