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Trekking Holidays in Pakistan

Pakistan is a beautiful country with some of the best hiking in the world. Imposing mountains, lush valleys, spectacular rivers and lakes … There is much more to Pakistan than travel tips and what you see in the news. Today we will take you to discover some things and ways to spend a fantastic holiday in Pakistan.
K2 base camp Trek
The best time to reach K2 base camp is from July to August. Although the trekking season runs from mid-June to mid-September, it is possible to hike at any time during these months. Trekking in early June is not recommended as the snow has not yet melted. Therefore, passages above 3000m are closed until enough snow melts to allow hiking. Gondogoro La and many other mountain passes will also be closed by the end of September due to a return to heavy snowfall with the changing seasons. Most routes at K2 Base Camp Trek last 21 to 25 days. Although the number of days you will walk to base camp is around 14 (weather permitting). Long itineraries typically include meeting a group of tourists and guide, visiting Islamabad and Skardu, traveling to the starting point in Askola, trekking and the return trip to Islamabad. Many tours also include an extra day or two in bad weather, which can delay or prevent the excursion If you want to know more about K2 base camp Trek click this link
K2 Concordia trek
The Concordia K2 trek is located in Pakistan, in the Himalayas and extends along the Concordia...


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