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10 Best Free Antivirus For Windows 10 in 2019

Running on 35.7 percent of all personal computers, Windows 10 is one of the most popular Operating Systems in the world. This makes it a lucrative target for hackers and other malicious digital entities. Thankfully, Microsoft has ramped up the security features dramatically since the early days of Windows XP. The OS no longer hassles users to install antivirus software like its predecessor, Windows 7. Starting with Windows 8, Microsoft made the wise decision to add a built-in free antivirus, the Windows Defender. The question is, does it guarantee complete PC protection against mounting threats in 2019"

The short answer ? no. Given the sheer number of users, Windows 10 is still under threat as the bad guys constantly seek out new ways to hijack your system and access your private data. From blended malware and fileless attacks to ransomware, new threats are emerging regularly and no matter how much caution you exercise online, your software is still in grave danger. Sure, Windows Defender ? which is enabled in Windows 10 by default ? receives frequent updates and is quite capable in its own right, but it?s still a good idea to have a regularly updated antivirus package for advanced protection against security threats.
The Combination Approach

Windows Defender may be used for traditional antivirus, while third-party antivirus software works well against anti-exploit and anti-malware hazards. The Windows Defender application is fully integrated into the Wind...
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