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14 Most Expensive Bottles of Wine in the World 2021

The most expensive wines in the world, the cost of which continues to grow in price over time. What is it" A unique product that can surprise sophisticated guests or a good opportunity for long-term investment" For each buyer of such wine there may be his own reason for the purchase. Two things remain unchanged – bottles of incredibly expensive wine and people who are ready to buy it, even though the price of some exceeds $200,000 per bottle.

There is something about wine that makes it an immensely royal experience every time you take a sip. It features in all the old texts, and so strong is the attraction for it that even many religions look the other way when it comes to drinking wine. The vines of southern Europe are perceived as more than cultural heritage today. The drink of kings, here is a list of 10 bottles of wine sold that were so expensive as to make them the stuff of dreams.
It’s a well know fact that a good wine become better with time. It acquires a characteristic rich taste, which is highly appreciated by true connoisseurs of expensive beverages. However, old and expensive wine is a privilege not only for gourmets. Older wines are getting better with time, and therefore – more expensive, which attracts investors from all over the world. Investing in fine wines is an old, proven way to successfully invest your money. Even in times of economic crisis – collectible, expensive wines do not lose their price. One ...
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