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15 Best Concept Cars of Largest Automakers

A few decades ago, concept cars were but whimsical imaginations; and were often referred to as futuristic and highly advanced technologies. Today, concept cars are a reality we’re all familiar with. Most companies have manufactured innovative concept cars and launched them in the market over the years. Some of the elements included in these cars include electronic driving, retro-infused styling, and other aesthetic features that have completely revolutionized the automobile industry. Here are some of the top 15 best concept cars launched by the largest automakers currently ruling the market that you might be interested in. And if you need something more – be sure to check 15 most beautiful cars of all time.

Hyundai Genesis Concept Car
The concept car by Hyundai Genesis has a truly futuristic look and feel. The framework is quirky, sleek and chic to say the least. The all-electric four-seater vehicle is spacious, luxurious and fun, complete with butterfly doors and AI. The design is further enhanced by its elongated hood, carbon fiber frame and plenty of luggage space. The AI Genesis Assistant allows for an interactive experience where you can talk to your car and make payments from the comforts of your Hyundai concept car. Read more about this concept car.

Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow Concept Car

The Mercedes EQ Silver Arrow is a cool concept car that pays homage to the past, the 1937 268-mph car to be specific. Drawing...
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