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6 Questions: Marine Tanguy, MTArt founder

‘Seriera’ 2019 by MTArt represented artist David Aiu Servan-Schreiber
Marine Tanguy is the founder of arts talent agency MTArt, which represents the likes of Sarah Maple, Alexandra Lethbridge and Adelaide Damoah. We put her in the hot seat for our 6 Questions slot.
Marine Tanguy
1. Have you always been passionate about art"
Yes – I have always loved making my world more visually inspiring and artists are the perfect people to do this with. I am still a five years old at heart and equally, my five years old inside me is very happy with I get up to everyday. That?s the secret isn?t" Listening to your inner child. My 5 years old self wanted art everywhere around her.
2. Why did you decide to set up MTArt" An advocate for artists since a young age, I managed my first gallery at age 21, opened my first art gallery in Los Angeles at age 23 and finally created my current business in 2015, MTArt Agency, breaking from the gallery model to promote better the artists I believed in across the globe. MTArt is the first artist agency promoting influential visual artists and specialising in talent management: building, growing and accelerating careers. The artists of mygeneration don?t just wish to hang their works on walls, they want digital rights for theirimages, be in the press all the time and the toppartnerships. This is much more the job of a talent manager than agallery, who is first and foremost, a retail shop.
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