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6 Questions: Mirella Ricciardi, Photographer

Peter Beard & Mock Elephant Charge (1985), by Mirella Ricciardi
Born in Kenya, Mirella Ricciardi has worked as a photographer for over 65 years, shooting everything from high-profile fashion campaigns to documentary series. Following the opening of her latest exhibition Past and Present: Vanishing and Contemporary Africa, Rosie Ellison-Balaam speaks to the prolific artist about her influences, creative process and archival work with her daughter
1. How did you decide which of your photographs to show in Past and Present"
We judged the images from the Past according to how they were received in previous shows. For example, The Somali Cattle Herder with Turban recently purchased at Augustus Brandt, in this new large format, as a chromogenic c-type print and then, we introduced my unseen contemporary work taken from 2008 onwards. Mirella photographing a Paramount Chief in Kenya. Image by Shaibu Shakua, Mirella’s Assistant on Vanishing Africa.
2. How do you think your work fits into the surroundings of Augustus Brandt"
They fitted wonderfully into the elegant Edwardian setting of Newland House, alongside Nicola Jones?s [curatorial] vision that complimented the modern and antique concept.
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3. Which photographers have most influenced your practice"
Harry Meerson and Sam Haskins for their high contrast images, and the Italian camera man Antonio Climati, who taught me to shoot into the light source.
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