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Asymmetrical MECA Cultural Center in Bordeaux

Last June, a new bold architectural work entered the Bordeaux landscape: the cultural center MECA (House of Creative Economy and Culture). Designed by the BIG group in collaboration with the Paris agency Freaks, the venue aims to strengthen the influence of the region in art and culture. “The project is like a giant loop that wraps around it and creates a hole in the building with a deformed arch at the top. It creates a public space and is a new gift for the city of Bordeaux.” explains Jakob Sand, one of the project managers.
The asymmetrical building has a large number of windows that control the amount of light inside the space and create a transparency effect. Visitors can reach the Garonne thanks to a huge ramp that crosses the arch. The place also offers a magnificent panorama of the city. An almost futuristic building with monumental dimensions that energizes the Bordeaux landscape, or when art is put at the service of art. Also be sure to check 20 tallest buildings in the world.

Source: beautifullife