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Complicated and Beautiful – UR-T8 Transformer Skull Watch

The brand new Urwerk UR-T8 Skull Watch is part of the 2019 line of Urwerk UR Models. It might be a bit different than your usual timepiece, but the UR-T8 Skull and its unique way of time telling will surely impress the right people. The unusual time telling mechanism of the new Urwerk watch is comprised of three clusters of four hour markers set around a central axis that move in and out of action to indicate the passing of each hour. Hard to interpret at first, it gets pretty easy when you get the hangs of it, and it can even be a real pleasure to watch the hours pass on the UR-T8 Skull.

Powered by a mechanical movement with automatic winding with the UR-8.01 caliber, the watch has a power reserve of 50 hours. The movement features a wide variety of surface finishes, including matting and circular graining, making it look amazing.
The UR-T8 Skull watch comes with a superbly engraved case, with a bronze ?sheath’ with floral scrollwork decorations and an open mouthed skull. The case is a flip over, with a rotating case middle to allow the time side to be hidden or revealed and the skull design appreciated.

The case is built from grad 5 titanium, and measures 48.35 x 60.23 x 20.02 mm, which is quite a large one, but easy on the wrist. The price tag of this incredible watch rises to a whooping $144,000. And don’t forget to check the best black watces for men.

Source: beautifullife